Poppy Faun is a multi-disciplinary artist from Brighton, UK. Her work is best known for using nostalgic imagery to convey feelings of optimism, lust, and introspection while playing on the vibrant iconography of the 20th century.

Poppy’s art has long been celebrated on an international level, she’s worked with brands such as Playboy and Missoma as well as having been featured in British Vogue. Her work has a broad collector-base and is instantly recognisable for it’s striking portrayal of alternative culture and retro-beauty.

Never comfortable with the ordinary, Poppy has constantly strived to develop her technique over time. The last year has seen her fine-tune her prominent use of mid-century aesthetics for an output that represents her most personal and ambitious collection of works to date.

More works available via Helm Gallery, Brighton UK


Please email for any collaborations, projects and commissions via poppy@poppyfaun.com